Name badges for clothing?

Name badges for clothing

Buy name badges for a professional appearance!

Name tags which sit neatly on clothes are an absolute must-have in many sectors! A reliable manufacturer and supplier of name badges is therefore a vital partner for many companies. badgepoint® supports you and your employees with a wide choice of high-quality name tags manufactured in a variety of styles for shirts, jackets, blouses, coats and other items of clothing. Our configurator allows you to create your own customized name badges instantly and easily before they are manufactured by us. With a detailed depiction of your corporate design on high-quality materials combined with personalized labeling, badgepoint® ensures a professional and personal appearance for your employees. This conveys a sense of responsibility, competence and a willingness to communicate at all times.
Our product range
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  1. polar®
    Our best seller
    sophisticated, with a classic look
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  2. office
    robust, safe and good value
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  3. amigo®
    guaranteed to catch the eye
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  4. aluline-plus®
    top quality and flexibility
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  5. Acrylic glass badges
    transparent with a flat, elegant shape
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  6. vista®
    features a strikingly large display area
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  7. Badges for events
    The perfect accessory
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Choose between our three options

name badges for complete self-printing
1. Highly versatile:
Order name badges for complete self-printing
  • Models for self-labeling are ready to ship within 1-2 days
  • Easy for you to design online!
  • Order the right printing sheets for the name cards at the same time
  • The flexibility to label your name cards yourself, or badgepoint® can label them for you
name badges printed with your logo and label
2. Smart and flexible:
Order name badges printed with your logo and label them yourself
  • Professionally printed logo with flexibility when adding names
  • We print your logo on the front panel with a high-quality finish
  • You create name cards on your printer, or badgepoint® prints the name cards for you
  • Reusable: replace name cards yourself as required
ready-printed name badges
3. Superb presentation and convenience:
Order ready-printed name badges
  • Fully printed, sophisticated badges
  • Design them online yourself, or let our team handle all elements of the design
  • Individual name badges are digitally printed for each member of staff
  • Reorders from just 5 units possible!
Go to our video tutorials

Video tutorials for our name tags

We show you how quick and easy it is to replace the name cards in your name badges.

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Label name badges yourself online and order

Label name badges yourself online and order

  • Maximum flexibility.
  • You can see in real time how the typeface, font size, font color and positioning on the badge will look.
  • Easy to move, edit and delete.
  • No need for downloads or to import into a new program.
  • No misprints. The labeling sits in exactly the right position.
  • The labeling has the right proportions, making it very easy to read.

Magnet, pin or lanyard. Always a secure hold.

Magnetic name badges: Perfect for all clothing

Magnetic name badges:
Perfect for all clothing

Magnetic name tags stand out from the crowd thanks to their practicality and secure hold. They also have a significant advantage over other types of fastening: the ultra strong badgepoint® smag® magnets mean you can say goodbye to annoying pin holes in your clothes. Our smag® magnets come in two different strengths: standard and extra strong. No matter whether it’s a suit or protective clothing: our smag® magnets also hold firmly to thicker fabrics without any problem, making them ideally suited to any sector. Experience the power of our smag® magnetic fastenings for yourself.

smag® magnetic name badges

Name badge fastening

Name badge fastening

Magnet, lanyard, pin or clip: choosing the right name badge fastening for clothing is important. The comfort of the wearer is vitally important! If the magnet doesn't meet your specific needs, you can explore our other tried-and-tested badgepoint® options: clip-on, brooch pin and lanyard. For each badge, you select the fastening individually within the configurator.

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Experience the power of our smag® magnetic fastenings for yourself

Experience the power of our smag® magnetic fastenings for yourself

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Sectors solutions

Bespoke solutions for any sector and company size

Bespoke solutions for any sector and company size

Keep your eyes open and you'll come across badgepoint® almost everywhere. A whole range of amazing enterprises - from large corporations down to small and medium-sized companies - value our brand quality. Whether their employees make high-tech presentations at trade shows, sell dream holidays in a travel agency or care for patients in a hospital, because they wear professional name badges they’re always properly kitted out and approachable at all times. We love rising to specific challenges – whether in the healthcare sector, the hotel and catering trade, at trade shows and events and in the retail trade – and relish producing meticulous, creative designs that offer functionality and flexibility.

„Tell us what you want, and together we'll find a name badge to suit your line of business and type of use.“

Find and design the name tag
                that suits your company

Find and design the name tag
that suits your company

Whether event badges, name tags made from plastic or particularly high-quality stainless steel: we can offer you the right name tag for every occasion and every outfit. Experience our amazing product range for yourself.

Design oder Zweckmäßigkeit? Beides!

Design or functionality? You can have both!
Select name badges

The choice is all yours – exclusive models, acrylic glass styles, event badges and practical bundles are all ready for you to use. But which model is right for you? Should you choose a subtle effect or a vibrant color? Do you go for chrome, stainless steel or a gold effect? Plastic or metal? What’s always vital is that your chosen model is right for your corporate design and that the logo and name look prestigious and are highly visible. badgepoint® always takes this into account and can accommodate any design requirement or application.

Metal name badges
Stainless steel name badges
Acrylic name badges

Name badge guide

Fastening name tags to clothing: a quick guide

Basic rules for positioning a name badge.

Basic rules for positioning a name badge.

A name tag should preferably be worn on the right-hand side (from the wearer’s perspective). Why? Because when you greet someone with a handshake, they turn their upper body slightly towards you, which allows them to quickly glance at your badge unnoticed. They can then greet you by your name and it will help them put your face to your name more easily. Company names and positions can also be instantly identified.

  • Below the collarbone
  • Slightly towards the center of the body
  • Facing the front, on a substantial area of fabric (such as the lapel)
  • Where long hair will cover up the name tag
  • On accessories such as ties, scarves or breast pockets
  • On the neckline or dress strap

Five questions to help you create the perfect name badge!

How noticeable should my badge be?

Want to show that your business is trustworthy and stands for top quality and expertise? If so, make sure you select premium materials, and either a professionally printed logo or ready-printed name badges, e.g., polar® alu-complete, aluline complete or office alu-print Looking for name badges that must be practical and flexible to use? Then, choose a functional model with a do-it-yourself labeling option, e.g. office classic or vista® classic.

What’s the most important piece of information I want my badge to convey?

Should attendees be able to address your colleagues personally by name? Should the department/position be shown? Design the name of the badge wearer so it looks large and prominent. Choose a name badge with plenty of design space and room for 3 lines of text. e.g. polar® classic (size L), vista® classic (size L or XL) Should your company or your brand be more prominent for the person viewing your badge? If the answer’s yes, a name badge that makes your logo really eye-catching is the right choice, e.g. aluline-plus® system (size S) or colored badges such as polar® alu/colorprint.

What is my company’s style?

Do you operate in the technology, digital and innovation sector? If so, choose a name badge made of metal or one with a metallic effect, e.g. polar® alu-print series or aluline-plus® models. Are you in the media, communications or a creative industry? Certain models portray these attributes perfectly, e.g. amigo® alu-print, amigo® doming and aluline-plus® models.

Do I have permanent staff or a changing employee base?

Fully printed badges in the “complete” series are ideally suited to management personnel or companies with a permanent employee base. Printed logo name badges are ideal for freelancers, trainees, temporary or seasonal employees. Name badges for self-labeling with card inserts are extremely flexible for constantly changing personnel.

How much time should I allow for delivery of my new name badges?

For self-labeling: ready to ship within 1-2 days
Printed logo name badges: ready to ship within 10 working days once layout approved
Fully printed name badges: ready to ship within 15 working days once layout approved

The ultimate guide to badges
Find your perfect name badge
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    Name badge etiquette
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