smag® magnetic name badges.
The original with a no-twist guarantee!

smag® magnetic name badges

Order our magnet name badges: The ultimate fastening for a secure hold!

You can always count on the patented smag® magnetic name badges: you’ll be perfectly prepared for any situation and all types of clothing with our two different strengths - strong and extra strong. No slipping, no twisting and clearly legible names at all times: your name tag can be securely fastened to any type of clothing and always stays firmly in the right place.

Opt for 100% reliability in terms of hold, usage and comfort: smag® from badgepoint® is the only magnetic fastening for name badges with the duo power magnet system. Whatever your area of work – you can concentrate on the job in hand. That’s because smag® won’t let you down. When you buy a magnetic badge, you should check out the holding strength and the magnetic system. The reason for this is that the holding strength of a magnetic badge depends on how well the fastening is constructed!

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Very active at work? Regular daily use? Choose smag®!

Name tags with smag® withstand everything you do and stay fixed and secure in any scenario. That's why smag® is the no. 1 fastener, particularly for customers in the healthcare, nursing, catering and service sectors. A secure accessory for people who move around a lot and deal with customers direct on a daily basis.

office 35 color-print, anthracite
office 35 color-print, anthracite
Article No.: ocp35ma02
from 4,85 €
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polar® 35 quick-print, stainless steel
polar® 35 quick-print, stainless steel
Article No.: pqp35me66
from 5,65 €
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office 30 quick-print, stainless steel
office 30 quick-print, stainless steel
Article No.: oqp30me66
from 5,38 €
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polar® 30 alu-print, stainless steel
polar® 30 alu-print, stainless steel
Article No.: pap30ma66
from 6,69 €
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Find the perfect magnetic name badge for your industry

polar® classic

Our proven badgepoint® bestseller. With its modern, subtly curved design and high-quality finish, this stand-out magnetic name badge is perfect for both everyday use and special events.

Examples of use
  • Hospitality
  • Restaurants
  • Trade fairs and events
  • Service sector
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office classic

This versatile and flexible magnetic name badge for self-labeling has smooth rounded corners, making it the perfect choice for situations where people are in close physical contact and where a friendly and professional appearance matters.

Examples of use
  • Hospitals and doctor’s offices
  • Care settings and mobile care providers
  • Close-contact professions and services
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Our stylish and flexible solution for brand-name companies, innovation leaders and premium providers looking for a classy and versatile magnetic name badge that puts their branding center stage.

Examples of use
  • Brand-name manufacturers
  • Consultants
  • High-end trade fair appearances and business presentations
  • Hospitality & tourism
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vista® classic

Our timeless magnetic name badge in plastic is perfect for self-labeling, with ample space to add additional information and staff photos, or to scale up your logo for maximum impact.

Examples of use
  • Trade fairs
  • Presentations
  • Seminars
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aluline-plus® system

Our smart, classy badgepoint® solution that creates a great impression, no matter what your industry. This clever product combines the stylish look of a metal name badge with a flexible, modular design.

Examples of use
  • Tourism
  • Hotel and leisure industry
  • Service sector consultants
  • Sales and service staff
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Our top tip: quick-print name badges

If you’re planning to re-use your magnetic name badges, our quick-print option is for you! With our quick-print badges, your logo is printed on the back of the transparent front panel, so that it is always clearly visible, and the names of your staff members appear on the paper inserts, which you can easily print yourself (using a simple black and white printer) or order through badgepoint®.

We’d be very happy to answer any questions about our quick-print name badges or your order in general. Get in touch any time.

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smag® magnet standard and extra strong:
How much holding strength does my name badge need?

Make no mistake: at badgepoint®, “standard” means 100 percent reliability and comfort! You can select from two strengths for all magnetic name badges for different types of work clothing: smag® standard (blue) and smag® extra strong (black) with twice the magnetic power.

smag® extra strong
in black, with a holding power of up to 2 kg. For thicker, heavier fabrics and a lot of movement in everyday use.
smag® standard
in blue, with a holding power of up to 1 kg. For all normal or delicate types of fabric and a normal level of movement.

Devised by us, regularly refined and now our best seller:
smag® magnetic fastening – a badgepoint® innovation

Invented in Ahrensburg and now used all over the world. More than 20 years ago, the founders of badgepoint® started working on the idea of a unique magnet holder for name badges. Developed in close collaboration with users and experts, this innovative system has been officially patented on the grounds of its uniqueness. The principle of how the two round magnets engage with each other is quite ingenious. The shallow round bumps interlock to give a secure, rock-steady hold. Adapting the shape and design to users' needs is an ongoing process: it’s a system that keeps moving forwards and a system that keeps moving with you!
smag<sup>®</sup> standard smag<sup>®</sup> extra strong

Why smag®?

Our smag® name badges boast 100% secure fastening and a no-twist guarantee. Central to their design are our unique and patented smag® magnets with their powerful duo power magnet system. This system is based on two magnets with opposite poles that lock together, preventing the magnets from slipping and ensuring your name badges remain firmly fastened to your team's clothing at all times.

Which option do I need: smag® standard or extra strong?

We recommend smag® standard for regular and more delicate fabric types and for situations where staff are not excessively active. Trade fairs, sales environments and in-person consultations are all perfect use cases for smag® standard.

However, if your staff are physically very active and wear thick or heavy workwear, it’s a good idea to opt for smag® extra strong. We find this option works particularly well in medical, healthcare and care settings, but is also a great choice for restaurant environments as well as trade fairs and events. Essentially, it’s ideal for any situation where staff are moving around a lot and may come into physical contact with other people.

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smag® Magnet

What should you know about magnets?

People who wear a pacemaker are advised not to wear magnetic name badges. In some cases, they can interfere with magnetic cards and electronic devices. Find more in our FAQ and in our safety instructions (download HERE).
What if a magnet isn’t an option?
Our proven alternatives will satisfy your purpose.

Looking for an economical and functional alternative to the magnet? Our other proven, versatile fastenings are the stainless-steel snap lock pin, clip and lanyard.

Tip: personnel who are in frequent contact with patients fitted with a pacemaker or who wear one themselves should choose a pin or clip instead of a magnet.

See all fastenings

Contact our specialist team

Got any questions about our name badges, either with or without magnets? We’d be very happy to help.


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Genuine customer reviews from Trusted Shops

Great to work with badgepoint! Very quick and professional answer from the team, great adaptability and the quality is very high.“
badgepoint was so easy to deal with - website was easy, i could clearly see my design. When they arrived, i was so pleased with how they looked. Love my product and would definitely purchase again.“
I want to express my gratitude for all the help with the badges and recommendations! The badges turned out fantastic, exactly what we were looking for: easy to order, fast delivery, and excellent quality. I also wanted to provide some feedback: I absolutely love the badge creator. It's a brilliant idea to offer the opportunity to create badges by oneself! Based on this positive experience, we would undoubtedly choose your company for our future events. Once again, thank you for your outstanding support.“
The customer service was great! Many thanks to Nadja!“

Choose between our three options

complete self-printing
1. Highly versatile:
Order name badges for complete self-printing
  • Models for self-labeling are ready to ship within 1-2 days
  • Easy for you to design online!
  • Order the right printing sheets for the name cards at the same time
  • The flexibility to label your name cards yourself, or badgepoint® can label them for you

More information on labeling

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name badges printed with your logo
2. Brillant und flexibel:
Order name badges printed with your logo and label them yourself
  • Professionally printed logo with flexibility when adding names
  • We print your logo on the front panel with a high-quality finish
  • You create name cards on your printer, or badgepoint® prints the name cards for you
  • Reusable: replace name cards yourself as required

More information on labeling

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ready-printed name badges
3. Superb presentation and convenience:
Order ready-printed name badges
  • Fully printed, sophisticated badges
  • Design them online yourself, or let our team handle all elements of the design
  • Individual name badges are digitally printed for each member of staff
  • Reorders from just 5 units possible!

More information on labeling

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Request free name badge sample

Request free name badge sample

Experience their practicality for yourself. Discover the “Made in Germany” name tag quality, which enhances your professional appearance in the eyes of business partners, customers or guests. Request a free sample and test it for yourself in practice!

Order free sample now!
Still got any questions?

You’ll find an overview of our FAQs here

Do magnetic name badges interfere with electronic devices or magnetic cards?

In some cases, magnetic name tags can interfere with electronic devices. Magnetic cards can also come into conflict with magnetic name tags, so they should not be stored next to each other.

You can download our safety instructions HERE.

Can I wear a magnetic name tag if I’ve been fitted with a pacemaker?

Individuals who have been fitted with pacemakers are advised, for safety reasons, not to wear a magnetic name badge. Although modern pacemakers are less prone to interference, an alternative fastening should be used for the name badges for safety reasons. There are some circumstances in which other electronic devices may be interfered with.

How do I design a name badge?

Decide upon a suitable model and choose the printing format (e.g. print on paper or onto front panel). You’ll find information about the differences between printing formats and further helpful advice under labeling. Next, you individually select your size, color and fastening – input your desired quantity and order instantly or start by labeling online (“Go to labeling”). If you need any help or have questions about the design process then please contact our service team on +49 (0) 4102-8066-0.

How do I design name badges?

You design your name badge in line with your exact requirements with the help of our easy-to-use configurator. Design your name badge and choose “Go to labeling”. Before you start your design, please go to the “Select template” menu item and select a template for your name tag. Simply give it a try.

About the configurator
Name badges with pins damage clothing – what can I do?

The most obvious solution is to switch over to magnetic name badges. But if magnetic name badges aren’t an option for you then we recommend name badges with a universal clip, or on a lanyard.

More fastening types
*applies to ex stock name badges for self-labeling. Provided the order is placed before 12 noon and the UPS Express Saver option is selected, delivery will take place on the next working day (for customers within the EU , the Express service takes 1-2 working days).
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