95% of all badgepoint®
customers choose the
smag® magnetic system!

Name badges with a magnet and custom fastenings

Name badges with a magnet and custom fastenings

So, you've you found your ideal model. Now all you need to do is choose a suitable fastening method for your badge! You can choose a custom fastening for every badge in our configurator, so why not opt for the one that's comfortable, tough and versatile?

95% of our customers prefer our patented magnet system which is strong enough to hold up to 2 kg and is kind to clothing. Only available from badgepoint®, the smag® magnetic fastening combines the quality design of your name tag with long-lasting power.

If the magnet doesn't meet your specific needs, you can explore our other tried-and-tested badgepoint® options: clip-on, brooch pin and lanyard.

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smag® magnet

Magnet, pin, clip or lanyard neck strap? How to decide on the right type of fastening

First of all, the primary consideration is that the wearer should feel comfortable. Whichever method you choose, always put the wearer first and think of the practical aspects for daily use.

smag® magnet Tipp badge Clip Stainless steel pin Lanyard
smag® magnet

smag®. Patented. Unsurpassed.

Magnetic name tags with our patented smag® magnet system are the ultimate, modern all-rounder and have revolutionized the industry. They also come with a no-twist guarantee.

Five advantages of the smag® magnetic fastening
  • easy, quick and practical to attach, even to delicate clothing.
  • supremely comfortable: no slipping, wobbling, loosening or risk of becoming detached
  • copes with daily activities, even with lots of movement and patient contact
  • large choice of magnetic name tags
  • choice of colors to match your corporate identity

smag® offers reliability in two different strengths. The blue version has a holding power of up to 1 kg, making it ideal for all standard fabrics, while the black version will hold up to 2 kg and is suitable for heavy fabrics and extreme demands.

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Stainless steel pin

Alternative: stainless steel snap lock pin

Admittedly, a brooch pin can leave behind tiny holes or make a small tear in the fabric, and occasionally you may feel a slight pin prick. Nevertheless, our high-quality stainless steel snap lock pin has a well-deserved place among our fastening options.

Three advantages of our pin fastening
  • Pin fastening is the most cost-effective and stays securely attached to your clothing during any kind of movement.
  • Combined with a clip, the pin will not damage your clothing with frequent use and you can choose whichever of the fastening styles is more practical for the occasion.
  • If any of your colleagues or patients has a pacemaker fitted, a magnet system should not be used, so the pin is a safe choice.
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Alternative: the combiclip

Wherever you wear it (on a pocket or lapel, for example), our clip-on/clip-off combiclips are highly practical and are perfect for less formal business use. You simply put it in position, press to clip it on – and later on when you remove it, there’s absolutely no damage to clothing.

Three advantages of the clip fastening
  • A suspended badge makes for a more casual look and conveys a lighter, less serious note.
  • Clips can be individually combined with lanyards and other clip-style fastenings for practical purposes, such as securing staff ID badges.
  • For those with an allergy to metal, clips are also available in a metal-free version.
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Alternative: the lanyard

Insert a VIP pass, attach the strap and your custom badge is now ready to wear around your neck, irrespective of your clothing. Lanyards are a practical, tried-and-tested option and can be designed to look stylish and attractive with strong branding.

Three advantages of using a lanyard
  • Hassle-free and ideal for when events move between indoor and outdoor locations because they are always visible and can even be worn over a coat.
  • A lanyard is an advertising tool and a promotional giveaway all in one.
  • It can be used time and time again, long after the plastic wallet has worn out.
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badgepoint®´s no. 1 name tag

badgepoint®´s no. 1 name tag

Our best seller is the prestigious polar® name badge with a smag® magnet fastening. The standard version of this versatile name badge series with its elegant, curved design always comes with a magnet. It is in continuous daily use in many sectors, such as in the service sector and in the hotel and catering industry.

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