A brief guide to shipping, returns and ordering samples.

Orders by email

Order from us by email on [email protected], by telephone on +49 (0) 4102 8066 0, or by fax on +49 (0) 4102-8066-0. We ask that you send us your first order in writing.

Minimum order value

The minimum order value for our online store is 10 €. The minimum quantity for any model of name badge is 10.

Large quantities

Bulk orders are no problem for us. We offer attractive scale prices and a reliable worldwide shipping and distribution service. Call-off orders are also welcome. We also offer screen printing and badges with bespoke contours. Our sales team will be happy to advise you over the telephone on +49 (0) 4102-8066-0.


Out of respect for the environment, we no longer supply a printed version of our catalogue. You can view our entire range, including prices, in our online store. Under "Service" you will also find Product profiles complete with useful product and price information available to download.


Once a month, we send out our Newsletter featuring all the latest news and information about our services, quality and online store, not to mention additional tips and ideas to help you enhance your corporate image. You can naturally unsubscribe at any time. Registering is easy: Simply enter your email address in the blue Newsletter box at the bottom of the page.


At badgepoint®, keeping your data confidential is of the utmost importance to us and, it goes without saying, we comply with statutory data protection requirements. Your personal details will not be sold or transferred to third parties. For further information, go to Privacy.

Complaints / exchanges and returns

We claim to offer the best "Made in Germany" quality at fair prices. If you’re not satisfied with your delivery for any reason, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can agree on a solution. Email [email protected] or phone +49 (0) 4102 8066 0.

Delivery and shipping

The delivery time for the name tag you have selected is shown to the right of the screen under "Delivery time". Name tags without labeling are ready to ship ex stock within 1-2 working days. For name badges with logo printing, delivery is ready for shipping within 10 working days after approval of the layout. For fully printed badges (with "complete" in the title), delivery is ready for shipping within 15 working days after final approval. Find out more about our delivery terms and delivery zones under shipping and delivery terms.


We deliver your orders via UPS, a fully reliable service, and for online orders within Germany we even deliver free of charge! For orders worth 250 € or more, we deliver free of charge within Euro Zones 1-4 using UPS Standard delivery. If you need items quickly, choose the UPS Express Saver option. You will automatically be notified by UPS as soon as the goods have left our warehouse. You can track the status of your shipment online via the tracking number. Find out more about our delivery terms and delivery zones under shipping and delivery terms.

Delivery address

Goods are normally delivered to one address. By arrangement, goods may be delivered to several addresses or different branches. Please call us first to discuss.

Customer login
Register / Login

If you have a customer account, please sign in using your email address under Customer login. If you don't have a customer account, please register under the "New Customers" tab and create a new account.

Important note: if you are already a customer in our old online store, for security reasons you won't be able to log into our new store using your existing login details. To reset your password for the new store, click on "Forgot your password?". Once you have reset your password you can use your account in the normal way. Should you have any questions or problems logging in, please contact our customer service on +49 (0) 4102-8066-0, or at [email protected].

Forgotten your password?

Click on "Forgot your password?" in the Customer Login section. We will then send you a new password immediately by email so you can log in. You can change the password in your account at any time.

Professional data checking

Professional data checking is an optional service that we offer which can be added to any order. Our professional data check includes the following:

  • print data (color space, image resolution and erroneous data)
  • format and dimensions, print areas and cropping
  • orientation and typesetting (including whether long names should be located in the print area)

Once our professional data check has been successfully completed, provided your data conforms to our specifications, your name badges will go straight to print. Should any discrepancies or erroneous data be picked up at this stage, we will contact you immediately. You will then have the opportunity to resend your print data or approve the data you’ve already supplied. In the latter case, we accept no liability for the print result. In the event of the subsequent delivery of print data, please be advised that in such situations this may delay the delivery of your name tags.

Request a design

Request a design is a chargeable add-on service and can be requested using our order form under Service. Our graphics team will design your name badges and label your name cards. Send us your logo and your list of names in Excel and you will receive custom layouts. After approval, we will print your name cards and assemble your badges. Your name badges will be delivered ready-to-wear for immediate use. Our service includes:

  • 3 proposed layouts in accordance with your CI guidelines (all colors and fonts, multiple lines)
  • printing of name cards and assembly of badges
  • PDF printing sheets with logo and name fields for reprinting name cards (not available for badges with "complete" in the name)
How to configure your name tag

Look for name badges and start your online configuration: Decide on a suitable model and choose a printing option (e.g. printed on paper or printed on front panel). To find out more about the differences between the types of printing, and for further assistance, go to Labeling. Lastly, choose your custom size, color and fastening, add the quantity required and then either place your order or do the labeling online beforehand ("Personalize"). If you have any questions or need any help with configuration, please do not hesitate to contact our service team on +49 (0) 4102-8066-0.

What should I look out for if I want to print a name badge myself?

You need to make sure you include the right printing sheets with your order. You can use our free Microsoft® Word print templates for the labeling, or label your name badges online. Choose the appropriate badge under Configure model and select "Personalize". Once you’ve designed your name badges, you will receive a downloadable print template for your printing sheets. Our Assembly videos show you the easy way to insert the printed name cards into your name tags.

How do I start my design?

Configure your name tag and then select "Personalize". Before you start designing, click on "Layouts" to select a layout. Here, you’ll find various layout proposals with varying numbers of lines for details such as name, position or department. Once you’ve selected a template, you can customize the alignment of the predefined image and text elements and drag them with the mouse to suit your design concept (depending on the badge type). Next, upload a finished list of names in the form of an Excel table and assign the required personal names and job descriptions to your name badges.

How do I upload my logo?

Upload your logo (or multiple picture files) using the "Upload image" function in our online labeling tool. Ideally as a vector-based svg or pdf file, 300dpi in the CMYK color space. Please pay attention to the picture quality of your uploaded file (indicated by a green or a red smiley). Alternatively, you can order your name badges straight away and send the file later by email to [email protected].

What format should my logo / picture be in?

Upload your logo (or multiple picture files) using the "Upload image" function in our online labeling tool. Ideally as a vector-based svg or pdf file, 300dpi in the CMYK color space. We prefer color-separated vector data as this allows us to achieve the best print quality.

Please note that the online labeling tool can only display the colors of your logo in the RGB color space. This corresponds to the digital representation on the screen, so that the colors cannot be represented true to the original and true to color. Please check the downloadable release print PDF on the print preview page. This corresponds to the original view of your final print data.

When uploading, please pay attention to the image quality of your uploaded file (green or red smiley). If you do not have any vector data, we can (depending on the printing technique) also process high-resolution graphics.

Please upload your logo/image in these formats:

  • PDF/X-4 file (*.pdf) (recommended)
  • EPS (*.eps)
  • AI (*.ai)
  • SVG vector file (*.svg)
  • JPEG image (*.jpg,*.jpeg)
  • PNG image (*.png)
  • GIF image (*.gif)
  • TIFF (*.tif, *.tiff)
  • PSD (*.psd)

Size: max 20MB
Color space: CMYK
Resolution: 300dpi

Alternatively, you can also order your name badges directly (place them in the shopping cart without labeling) and send the data later by e-mail to [email protected] (also .eps and .ai data). We are happy to check the data in advance for feasibility.

Some restrictions apply to uploading SVG files. Please note that one of the following settings will result in an error message when uploading a logo:

Unsupported SVG properties

References to external URLs are not supported. These can be images, fonts, etc.

Animated or scripting elements: 'animate', 'animateColor', 'animateMotion', 'animateTransform', "script', 'mpath', 'set' SVG filters: 'feBlend', 'feColorMatrix', 'feComponentTransfer', 'feComposite' , 'feConvolverMatrix', 'feDiffuseLighting', 'feDisplaycementMap', 'feDistantLight', 'feFlood', 'feFuncA', 'feFuncB', 'feFuncG', 'feFuncR', 'feGaussianBlur', 'feImage', 'feMerge', ' feMergeNode', 'feMorphology', 'feOffset', 'fePointLight', 'feSpecularLighting', 'feSpotLight', 'feTile', 'feTurbulence', 'filter'

Other elements: 'cursor', 'foreignObject', 'vkern'

Some CSS rules: Example: '@import', '@font-face' 'font-variant' is only supported with the keyword 'small-caps' and only for fonts with the property 'smcp'. Combinations of values of property 'text-decoration.; The 'rotate' property for 'textPath'.; The 'xlink:href' property. The 'unicode-bidi' property is only supported for TrueType/OpenType fonts that contain the required table for bidi text layout.

What resolution should my logo / image be?

Please ensure an optimum resolution of at least 300 dpi. A green or red smiley shows you whether the image quality of your uploaded file is sufficient for printing. If your logo has a red smiley, it is not suitable for printing. Please select a different file format or contact us on +49 (0) 4102-8066-0.

Do you print Pantone or other spot colors?

Your name badges are printed digitally. The printing of spot colors is only possible to a very limited extent. Spot colors are automatically converted to the CMYK color space. Please notify any spot colors (or gold/silver colors) as HKS/Pantone color codes so we can simulate them in the 4-colour color space (CMYK).

Why can't I modify the text lines?

Whatever the badge type, text lines cannot be modified as our production process requires predefined elements. In the case of logo print badges, this prevents elements being hidden or accidentally overprinted. If you would like to change the position of the text lines, we recommend you choose a different predefined design or another size of badge.

How much is the set-up fee?

The flat-rate fee of 29 € applies to the machine set-up and covers production costs for custom logo printing. This service is not dependent on the number of items and is charged once per order/logo. The number of logo colors also has no bearing on the all-in rate and even color gradients are an option (UV direct-to-substrate digital printing).

Can printing sheets be used more than once?

Most standard printers can only process complete sheets of paper, so we recommend loading paper printing sheets in your printer once only. If partly-used printing sheets with some name cards removed are put back into the printer, there is a significant risk of causing a paper blockage. We are continuously working on finding new and efficient solutions to this and to bringing them in line with production costs. Tip: if you only need a small number of name cards and there are still bla nk cards on the sheet, you could print 2 identical name cards for each employee so you always have a spare one handy just in case. Please note that the foil printing sheets for our aluline-plus® models can be used multiple times.

Name badges
What material are the name badges made of?

badgepoint® name-tag holders are manufactured from high-quality plastic. This way we can guarantee that the weight of each name tag is reduced to a minimum. The front panels of all badges with "alu" in the name are made out of matt aluminum. The aluline-plus® series is made entirely of metal and is protected by a crystal-clear acrylic glass cover. In addition to these, you can also choose from acrylic glass name badges and badges for events made of recyclable PET plastic (our forum model).

Can the front panels also be ordered without a printed logo?

No, we only supply printed front panels. The name tags in the "complete" series are always supplied printed as well. However, you can order name-badge models without printing which are designed for self-labeling – the polar® classic, for example, with a card insert, or the aluline-plus® system with printable film inserts.

Can I order further single badges in the "complete" series at a later date?

We can only manufacture supplementary orders for "complete" name tags in quantities of 5 or more. Unfortunately, for production reasons, it is not possible to order just 1 item.

Can you manufacture name tags in any color of choice?

In the case of large quantities, it may be possible to produce custom surfaces and colors, such as name badge holders in your corporate color, subject to favorable special terms. We offer individual spot colors and metal shades starting from quantities of just 1,000. Other options include screen printing and bespoke contours. Our sales team will be happy to give you advice over the phone on +49 (0) 4102-8066-0.

Is wearing a magnet harmful?

Please refer to the following statement from the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection: "Wearing small permanent magnets, such as magnetic name tags is, as a rule, not harmful to health." (see statement at: https://www.bfs.de/EN/"). The patented smag® magnetic fastening system is unique on the market. By using magnets in both parts of the name badge, a closed magnetic field is created when the badge is fastened, minimizing outward radiation.

You can download our safety instructions HERE.

Can I order magnets as spare parts?

Yes, under Accessories you can order Spare parts such as counter-magnets in packs of 10. You can swap over the "standard" magnets and the "extra strong" version on your badge whenever you like – both are universal and fit all models of name badge with a magnetic fixing.

Why are the magnets different colors?

The color indicates the adhesive force of the magnet. The "standard" smag® model (in blue) is very strong and therefore suitable for normal fabrics. The "extra strong" smag® model (in black) has double the strength of the "standard" model and is particularly suited to heavy fabrics or extreme demands. For more information, go to Fastening.

Are the polar® "color" name tags lighter than the aluminum ones?

Both products are made of plastic. The aluminum series is either galvanized or covered with a high-quality gold lacquer. The difference in weight resulting from this is negligible. Badges in the "alu-print" and "alu-complete" series also feature aluminum front panels, which makes them a few grams heavier. These weight differences are not noticeable for the badge wearer.

Free samples
How do I order a free sample?

Please enter the article number of the desired model variant in the request form for a free sample.

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