Get personalized name badges
in super-quick time.
With our self-labeling option.

Label and order your name badges online

Label and order your
name badges online

You can label your badgepoint® name tags online and order ready-printed name cards. Use the appropriate templates to create your custom badge, upload your logo and names and receive ready-labeled badgepoint® name tags. It couldn't be easier!

This leaves you free to prepare your name badges whenever you want, or quickly print out extra name cards if last-minute changes are needed. The online configuration tool is suitable for all organizational processes and tasks. The result is a professional-looking name tag every time.

Design online now

Six good reasons for labeling online

  • Maximum flexibility.
  • You can see in real time how the typeface, font size, font color and positioning on the badge will look.
  • Easy to move, edit and delete.
  • No need for downloads or to import into a new program.
  • No misprints. The labeling sits in exactly the right position.
  • The labeling has the right proportions, making it very easy to read.

Print your name cards in just 3 steps

Upload your logo and names.

Select a design template or create your custom name card.

Print the printing sheet with your filled-in template.
Design online now

Remember to include suitable printing sheets when ordering.
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name badges for complete self-printing

Highly versatile:
Order name badges for complete self-printing

You want complete flexibility to change your logo, employee names and associated job titles at any time? Or is it a rush job and you're on the hunt for practical name tags for events and meetings? Either way, take your pick from our badgepoint® models for labeling yourself, and design and label them online in an instant. We’ll deliver the badges within the shortest possible time and you’re free to label the name cards yourself whenever it suits you.

Tip: remember to include the right printing sheets for the name cards when ordering!

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name tags printed with your logo and label

Smart and flexible:
Order name tags printed with your logo and label them yourself

Amazingly practical! We print your logo on your high-end name tags. You then customize the employee names yourself whenever needed. Our name tags with a printed logo are the smart solution for any size of company. New staff members, promotions or a new department? Modify the text yourself and quickly print new name cards with ease. And best of all: when ordering, you can decide whether you want to print the names yourself or whether badgepoint® will print the name cards for you.

Tip: it's a good idea to add a few replacement badges without names to your order, together with the corresponding printing sheets

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ready-printed name badges

Superb presentation and convenience:
Order ready-printed name badges

Professional and high-quality – personalized name badges ready-printed with logos and individual names are particularly suitable for personnel in prestigious customer-facing sales roles or management positions. Our pre-printed name tags have a premium, timeless design thanks to their sophisticated metal finish. You can do your own design online, or alternatively ask our team to take care of the complete design for you, and we’ll then digitally print your custom name tags for each member of staff.

Even more practical: we accept repeat orders for ready-to-use name tags in quantities of 5 or more.

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suitable printing sheets

Accessories for self-labeling and new labels:
Order suitable printing sheets

If you want to print your own name cards, remember to include the relevant printing sheets in your order. Our printing sheets can be custom-printed on your own printer. Thanks to unique Quick&Clean™ technology, the cards have completely smooth edges. To separate the cards cleanly, simply fold the printing sheet and remove the individual cards. In our Assembly videos we show you the easy way to insert name cards into your name tags.

Order printing sheets now

Name badge labeling: choose the labeling method that suits you best

Name badge labeling
Variant 1.
Online labeling

Labeling in our unique 3D-configurator is an absolute breeze. Online, viewable in real time and perfectly customized to your desired image. You select the layout with the aid of our sample templates, insert your logo and then import your name list in full. We leave it up to you to decide whether to print your own labels or let badgepoint® supply ready-printed name tags for you.

Tip: you can store your design template for repeat orders or reprinting name cards yourself at any time.

Print templates
Variant 2.
Print templates for Microsoft® Word

Quick and easy! To help you label your badgepoint® name tags, we provide free-of-charge templates for Microsoft® Word for you to download. Go to templates for name cards and select the relevant size for the name badge you have ordered. Add anything you want into the Word template: logo, names, with job title and department on the lines underneath and print out your name cards. The printing sheets with the name cards are ordered separately. You will find all our printing sheets in our online store under Accessories.

creator labeling software
Variant 3.
creator labeling software

To label your badgepoint® name tags, you can download our free creator 2.0 labeling software. This program is quick and easy to install and requires no prior knowledge of designing. You can manage larger quantities of name tags. Plus: it allows you to respond quickly and flexibly to new recruit or last-minute meetings, functions and events. Or, you can save different layouts to view multiple versions of name tags clearly, for example when trading under different names.

Request a design
Variant 4.
Request a design

It’s here – our all-in-one service! Let our graphic designers create your name badges and label your name cards for you. Send us your logo and name list in Excel and we’ll provide you with a selection of custom layouts. After you have approved a design, we take care of printing the name cards and assemble the badges for you. Your name badges will be delivered ready-to-wear for immediate use. You’ll also receive a prepared printing sheet in PDF format for any subsequent reprints which will include your logo and fields for entering the names. So you'll easily be able to print new name cards at any time.

Design tips from our designers:
„How do I label my name tag correctly?“

A PDF document with many useful tips.

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