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Who we are

badgepoint® is your reliable partner when it comes to presenting your company to the outside world in a professional light. By wearing a high-quality, personalized name badge with your corporate image faithfully and accurately reproduced, not only are your staff demonstrating responsibility, they are also sending out the message that they are approachable at all times.

We are a German brand you can rely on, with 22 years' experience under our belt in the design and development of premium name-tag systems that are sold all over the world. Place your trust in badgepoint®; as one of the market leaders, we’ve been setting trends in the international name-badge industry for decades!

Delivering to 149 countries

24 million
name tags sold

years' experience

≈ 2000
different styles

Our values

The badgepoint® mission statement puts the focus on you – our customer – as our partner, both now and in the future.

Our company philosophy is reflected in our "Made in Germany" promise of quality, and we endeavor to present your name in a personalized and effective manner. Professional name badges are a key part of your corporate identity, and we are very aware of our responsibility in this respect. This sense of responsibility is what motivates us to continue innovating and achieving the highest quality. It's why we only allow finely crafted products made from first-class materials to leave our plant.

Reliability, humanity, efficiency and environmental awareness – these values are what drive us as we continue to develop industry-specific solutions to meet your needs. We really appreciate the confidence you place in us.

badgepoint<sup>®</sup> Mitarbeiter

badgepoint® employees
We work as a team to meet every challenge

Behind our range of small name tags stands a strong and capable team. Hand in hand, we work to well-designed processes. Our golden rule is to be honest, reliable and human, both in our dealings with our customers and with each other internally at badgepoint®. We believe that only a happy workforce can create the best solutions! Our team will take on any challenge – from small orders of 10 or more right up to bulk orders of 100,000+.

badgepoint® Standort

badgepoint®'s location
"Made in Germany" means more than just quality!

Here at badgepoint®, it also means attractive designs, high-quality materials and superb workmanship. It means that your name tag will be produced to a consistently high quality, in an environmentally responsible way and in accordance with German and European standards. We manufacture name badges for customers around the world exclusively at our head office in Ahrensburg. Being located in Germany is important to us; as a mid-sized company, we take on a regional responsibility for creating job vacancies and training our workforce.

For advice on products, fastenings and labeling, contact:

Our sales team

Tel.: +49 (0) 4102 8066 0
E-Mail: [email protected]

If you would like to apply for a job at badgepoint®, please send it to our HR Development Officer.

E-Mail: [email protected]

For all other queries, please contact our customer service team:

We’re always on hand to help you!
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