features a strikingly large display area
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Technical Details
vista® - the universal name badge with a bigger display area


the universal name badge with a bigger display area

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Wearing a vista® name tag is like wearing a business card. This plastic badge is shaped like a mini notice board, where the focus is on the information. There's so much you can include in the layout – logo, name, slogan, QR code, photo, and so on. All of which encourages people to strike up a conversation.

Robust, variable and timeless, the specially designed, highly-transparent vista® front panel fits neatly over the back of the badge, giving you "full screen mode" on which to present your corporate design. First, choose one of three sizes according to the volume of text. Next, choose the color of the badge holder. Now finish off with one of our reliable fastening methods. You'll be printing the labels as and when you need them, so remember to include printing cards when ordering. The simple yet bold design of the multi-talented vista® makes it ideal for everyday use or special events.

What makes it so unique is its simple yet sophisticated shape, allowing it to be worn horizontally or vertically, thereby increasing the number of ways it can be used, e.g. for photo name badges.

Your flexible labeling options for vista®:
  • name tags with name cards for self-labeling (vista® classic)

The vista® series and all our other types of name tag can be designed in our very own 3D configurator, a tool that's unique to badgepoint®. Browse all our models, including options for labeling, printing and fastening.

All the features of vista® at a glance:

Print on paper
vista® classic
The universal option with the strikingly large surface
Fully flexible labeling
  • you print the labels on your own printer
  • or let badgepoint® do all the labeling for you
Delivery time
ready to ship within 1-2 working days
Examples of use
  • as a means of communication when holding talks and presentations or attending trade fairs
Start designing now

vista® – the universal name badge for daily use and events

vista® is a timeless plastic name tag for self-labeling. It has a bigger surface area for conveying information, incorporating staff photos or displaying a large, eye-catching logo. Designed without edges, this name tag is ideal for day-to-day working in settings where customer contact needs to be at arm's length or where social distancing is required. The high quality of the plastic also makes it eminently suitable for use at trade shows, presentations and seminars. 95% of our customers who use the vista® series pick the innovative smag® magnetic system as their choice of name tag fastening.

Design your badgepoint® name badge in our unique 3D module. You can rotate your selected model, insert your logo and names and choose your preferred color. At present, only badgepoint® is able to offer 3D designing for name tags. Our configurator takes you through the design process in real time until you achieve your desired image. Ordering professional name tags this way really is a breeze!

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