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The extra strong smag® magnetic system by badgepoint®

Our “extra strong” smag® magnet provides a badgepoint® magnetic name-t0ag solution with superior holding power suitable even for heavy fabrics. The outstanding feature of this innovation is that it does not puncture the fabric, so is kind to clothing. The practical advantage of the smag® system is its novel, patented shape which makes it twist-proof. It also has a skin-friendly plastic outer case and a low-radiation symmetrical design. It is available as a set or individually. What’s more, we also hold permanent stock of all individual components for fitting to existing name tags, as well as a range of replacement parts. Check here and see for yourself!

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magnet "extra strong"
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60 x 17 mm 60 x 27 mm 60 x 37 mm 64 x 22 mm 65 x 10 mm 65 x 30 mm 65 x 43 mm 74 x 34 mm 75 x 17 mm 75 x 27 mm 75 x 37 mm 75 x 47 mm 76 x 25 mm 76 x 38 mm 85 x 54 mm mehr ... weniger ...
89 x 57 mm individual size 80 x 37 mm 60 x 40 mm 60 x 30 mm 60 x 20 mm 75 x 20 mm 75 x 40 mm 75 x 30 mm 72 x 38 mm 81 x 43 mm 81 x 33 mm 81 x 23 mm 80 x 34 mm 70 x 30 mm 68 x 22 mm 90 x 56 mm 76 x 39 mm 86 x 56 mm 61 x 29 mm 79 x 24 mm 80 x 21,6 mm 79 x 28 mm 79 x 41 mm 68 x 46 mm 63 x 40 mm 78 x 50 mm mehr ... weniger ...
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