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Name badge polar® 30 "alu-print"

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magnet "standard"

labeling service ”Ready for use“
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10 pcs or more
50 pcs or more
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500 pcs or more
Availability: 10 working days after customer approval
Ready For Use service: available
Minimum: 10 pcs
Item No.: {0} PAP30MA66
Size name card: 65 x 30 mm

Scale prices also apply to orders within one product range.
* All prices excl. VAT and excl. Shipping.
+ 29.00 Processing costs

Minimum: 10 pcs
Unit: pcs

polar® 30 "alu-print" - our best seller for a prestigious impression

Choose polar “alu-print” for a sophisticated and prestigious corporate image. Stylishly designed, it provides a professional setting for your logo which is displayed on the elegant silver or gold-effect badge holder. The logo is printed on the aluminum front. . You can also choose to insert your own names custom-printed on your PC or use our labeling service.  
  • Front panel silver or gold with printed logo
  • Name for self-labeling on your PC
  • Holder: high-quality galvanic surface with gold lacquer or plastic (ABS)
  • Front panel: aluminum
  • Space plate: polypropylene
  • Viewing panel: highly transparent, made of scratch-resistant acrylic glass
  technical drawing of polar® 30 "alu-print" Dimensions
  • Overall format: 70x30 mm
  • Front panel: 65x18 mm (incl. space plate)
  • Viewing panel: 65x12 mm
  • Name card: 65x30 mm
Safety tip
badgepoint® recommends that all carriers of pacemakers use stainless steel pins or clips instead of magnets. Credit cards, IDs and magnetic strips should not be kept in the vicinity of magnets.

price list polar® 30 "alu-print"

1 pcs or more 10 pcs or more 50 pcs or more 100 pcs or more 250 pcs or more 500 pcs or more
magnet "standard" 12.81 12.70 9.55 7.40 6.82 6.35
magnet "extra strong" 13.54 13.44 10.29 8.13 7.56 7.08
Stainless steel pin 12.39 12.29 9.14 6.98 6.41 5.93
Would you like to order larger product quantities? If so, please enquire about pricing by email: info@badgepoint.com

Labeling - polar® 30 "alu-print"

Quick & Clean printing sheets for name cards with smooth edges for easy removal (please order separately).

Name card labeling:

* All prices excl. VAT and excl. Shipping.
Last update: Jan 28, 2022 at 3:16 AM
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polar® 30 "alu-print"
polar® 30 "alu-print"
Item No.: PAP30MA66
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