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Prestigious name badges for staff in
information & customer service roles

In the services sector, there are many staff members who need to provide advice and information as part of their day-to-day work– whether it’s by phone, via email or face to face. As well as expertise, what really counts is the attitude and the outward appearance of the personnel giving the advice. If you wish to convey your company in a professional light, name badges should be provided for such staff as a matter of routine. This makes initial contact with customers so much easier and helps overcome inhibitions, especially when dealing with matters of a personal nature.

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Ideal for staff in information and customer service roles: badgepoint® name badges

We offer a wide range of name badges for staff in information and customer service roles. Anything is possible – from the timeless, simple plano and profil models through to the polar® and amigo® series with their exceptional design. To represent your company in the best light, not only is it vital that the badge is legible, the appearance of the badge is also crucial.

Choose, for example, from our polar® “classic”, polar® complete or polar® combi ranges, ideally in the aluminum version. That’s because name badges for personnel in information roles should ideally exude a certain degree of sophistication and quality, to underline the expertise of the staff member. The polar® classic badge is designed with a slightly convex shape that goes perfectly with any clothing. The acrylic glass panel is secured on both sides, leaving the top and bottom free and lending the design a sense of lightness. Why not opt for the polar® “classic” version for printing in-house on a PC? Alternatively, go for the polar® “quick-print” model, logo back-printed on the transparent panel, giving protection from scratches and solvents.

The polar® combi series by badgepoint® combines a premium logo name badge with a replaceable name card, serving to underline its prestigious image. When selecting name badges for customer service staff, choose a badge holder with a galvanically metalized aluminum or gold-colored finish, and top it off with a practical, highly transparent panel made of scratch-resistant acrylic glass. The top-quality aluminum version of the polar® complete is designed for a long service life. We print these name tags to your exact specification and deliver them ready-assembled and fully printed with names and logo, so they’re ready for immediate use.

Are you looking for a special backdrop on which to show off your company logo? If so, why not try our amigo® “doming” name badge, the perfect solution for your staff! Small logos, either circular or square, are ideal. What’s more, they’re covered with an acrylic resin dome. For added impact, we offer this highly striking 3D-effect logo, located to the left of the shaped transparent panel and name card.

Name badges for customer service staff: our All inclusive service package

At badgepoint®, you’ll find just the right name badge for any application and business sector. We offer high-quality products manufactured in-house and at fair prices. Order your name badges for staff in customer service roles now, either complete with name cards for you to print yourself, or by selecting our “Ready for use” service. And when it comes to the type of fastener you want, you’re also free to choose: our patented smag® magnetic system, the classic stainless steel snap lock pinn or various clip and lanyard fittings. Your order will be ready for dispatch at our premises within 24 hours. Our team will be happy to give you any advice you need before placing your order.

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