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Name badges for
hotels and tourism

Name badges for hotels – for professional communication with guests

If someone wears an easily recognizable name badge, it’s a sign of politeness and competence. At the same time, it also provides an opportunity to make personal contact. This is something that guests in the hotel and tourism sector certainly understand and take note of. All the more important, therefore, to design name badges that look attractive – and badgepoint® gives you every opportunity to do this.

Within our comprehensive and varied product range, we offer many styles of name tag specifically for use in the hotel and tourism industry. Their characteristic features include the stylish combination of materials in metal, plastic or acrylic, and the secure method of fastening. The result is that it only takes one glance for people to notice how professionally you and your colleagues come across.

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Versatile name badges for use in hotels and restaurants – pre-printed or left blank for your to print yourself

badgepoint® name badges for hotels and tourism are available in a variety of styles. Simply choose the solution that best suits your company and field of use.

The select metal badges in the polar® “alu-complete” series are ideal if you want to equip your permanent staff with name badges that will last a long time. The front panel on these name badges for hotels and tourism is made of aluminum - we add your names and company logo using digital printing to your exact specification. The badge also has a slightly convex shape to keep it steady when worn.

The amigo® “doming” model is the right choice if you’re looking for a unique, more elaborate solution. Each name tag has a striking logo element to one side. To achieve this pleasing look, we print your 3D-effect logo (either square or round) onto the actual name tag using a digital printing process. The name cards for in-house printing are well protected behind an acrylic panel section.

The aluline-plus® metal range is our premium model for hotels and tourism. The film sheet for name printing can be labeled on a PC with a laser printer and then simply inserted between the aluminum holder and the shatterproof cover. With the “logo-print” option, we print your logo straight onto the metal holder.

Name badges with magnet for a smarter appearance

When interacting with guests, professionalism is an important factor for fostering trust and making a positive impression. Name tags that hang down or look crooked are certainly not going to impress guests. That’s why here at badgepoint® we’ve developed the new, innovative smag® magnetic fastening system. The characteristic features of this patented magnetic system are total practicality and a perfectly secure hold.

When this solution, the name tag will not slip or rotate but will lie flat on clothing, so your colleagues will always leave an impression of professionalism. What’s more, among all our fasteners, the magnetic system is the most gentle on textiles. Whereas a safety pin is sure to damage delicate fabrics, especially if used day after day, our smag® magnet is consistently kind to clothing.

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