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Flag stickers for name badges

badgepoint® self-adhesive flag stickers measure 10 x 7 mm and are made using a high-quality acrylic resin doming to give an attractive, high-gloss appearance. You can choose from 46 European and international countries (after having first used the filter options to select the world region you want).

The flag stickers can be used on a variety of badgepoint® name badges and can be affixed to the front of the badge or the transparent panel in a matter of moments. Flag stickers are available in sets of 10 and are mounted on a film backing for easy removal.

As well as enhancing the look of a badge, badgepoint® flag stickers are a useful way of displaying the language skills of your colleagues or indicating where your company is based, making it easier to establish initial contact with business partners and strike up conversation.

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Last update: Jan 28, 2022 at 3:16 AM
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