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Fastenings for any application!

The challenges facing name-badge fastenings are as diverse as the areas in which badges can be worn. That's why badgepoint® offers a wide range of fastening methods suitable for any scenario. From the practical, multi-functional clip to the easy-to-attach stainless steel snap lock pin or the lanyard complete with carabiner hook and safety catch at the neck - you can mix and match virtually any badge with almost any type of fastening.

The vast majority of our customers (95%) prefer our patented smag® system magnet, available in two different strengths. The blue version has an adhesive strength of up to 1kg, making it ideal for standard fabrics. The black model, meanwhile, offers up to 2kg adhesive strength, making it the perfect solution for thick fabrics and heavy-duty use.

Last update: Jan 25, 2022 at 3:16 AM
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