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Questions & Answers

We are happy to answer your questions

How do I find the name badge that's right for me? And, is it harmful to wear magnetic fastenings? You will find the answers to these and many other questions in our FAQs. If you have a question that isn't listed here, feel free to contact us!

Questions & Answers

Questions about “Magnets”

Is wearing a magnet harmful?
Scientists have been unable to confirm the effect of magnetic radiation on the human body. Magnets are used in everyday life and, in the esoteric field, are even said to have healing properties, with healing magnets, magnetic jewelry and magnetic mats, etc. all being used for this purpose. The magnet also has its uses in the field of medicine: MRI scans, for example. In all these fields, magnets with substantial levels of radiation are used intentionally. The patented smag® magnetic system is unique on the market. By placing magnets in both parts of the name badge, a closed magnetic field is created when the badge unit is fastened, minimizing outward radiation. The Federal Office for Radiation Protection says: "Wearing small permanent magnets close to the body does not usually carry any health risks", see statement below: www.bfs.de
Why are the magnets different colors?
The colors mark the strength of the magnets. The "standard" smag® model (=blue) is very strong and therefore suitable for normal fabrics. The extra smag® (=black) is double the strength of the standard model and therefore suitable for heavier fabrics or extreme demands.
Can I also buy the magnets as spare parts?
Yes, at badgepoint® you can order spare parts for all your badges. You can order the counter-magnets in packs of ten.

Questions about “Labeling”

Do I have to order the printing sheets at the same time, or are they included in the delivery?
The printing sheets must be ordered separately. You will automatically be recommended the appropriate format when you place your order online.
Can I use my own paper as an insert?
You can use your own paper with any of our products. However, we do recommend that you always use 160 g paper quality in order to prevent it slipping out of the holder. The printing sheets from the badgepoint® range have proved highly suitable for this purpose. When using your own paper, we recommend that you make use of the "print with crop marks" option. You can select this option when using the badgepoint® creators software before printing.
Can I use a printing sheet more than once?
Unfortunately, most standard printers can only process complete sheets of paper. There are other processes which allow us to detach individual name cards and extend the usability of the printing sheet until the very last card (such as the foils for our aluline-plus® product). However, the manufacturing cost of this greatly exceeds that of the printing sheets on their own so the cheapest option is still to print using the tried-and-tested printing sheets. Experienced personnel departments will therefore print two identical name cards for their employees so they have a replacement handy, if necessary.
What is the free "Ready for use" service?
badgepoint® offers a "Ready for use" free inscription service to those ordering and reordering personalized badges. Just send us an Excel file with the names required, and we'll take care of printing and assembling the name cards - all for free! You will then receive your ready-to-wear badges for immediate use.
What is the "All inclusive" service?
"All inclusive" is an exclusive labeling service including PDF file for self-labeling by the customer. Simply provide us with your list of names in Excel, and badgepoint® will print and assemble your name cards for you. We then deliver your ready-printed badges for immediate use - for an all-in price of just €49.00 (price applies once per logo and badge type).
You will also receive a prepared printing sheet in PDF format for subsequent reprints which will incorporate your logo and boxes for entering the names.

Questions about “Logo printing”

How can I transfer my printing data?
The fastest and simplest way is via email to .
Which file formats are you able to process?
We prefer color-separated vector data because this allows us to achieve the best print quality. Should you not have access to vector data, we can also process high-resolution graphics (depending on the printing technique). We are happy to examine the data first to check its feasibility.
Vector data: .eps, .ai, .pdf, .svg
Pixel data: .jpg, .jpeg, .tif, .psd, .pdf
Before the items are manufactured, will I receive a layout for approval?
For customized badges with a logo, you will always receive a layout in accordance with your specifications. If you have not defined the position of the logo, you will receive three of our alternative suggestions. The order will only enter the production stage after you have approved the layout.
How many colors can be included in the logo for a flat-rate fee of €29 ?
The number of logo colors does not affect the flat-rate fee, even color gradients are an option (digital direct UV printing).
Will the €29 flat-rate fee increase if the order quantity changes?
No, because the flat-rate fee applies to the machine set-up for the print order. This service does not depend on the quantity and is charged once per order. We prepare up to 3 proposed layouts and adapt your logo data in line with the name badge layout as a free service to you!
Does badgepoint® print Pantone or other spot colors?
No, but please do specify reference colors for us nonetheless. If you refer to Pantone or HKS colors, we will convert them into the four-color model (CMYK) and then print. Our badgepoint® graphic designers are committed to achieving the best possible match for your desired colors.
What is the delivery time for printed name badges?
The delivery time varies from model to model and is always specified at the end of the order confirmation (and quotes). The delivery time indicated refers to the production time in working days after receipt of the written layout and/or printing approval (not the date the order was received).
Does badgepoint® check my transferred logo data?
Yes, and very carefully too. Should any discrepancies be picked up at this stage, our graphics department will contact you immediately to achieve the perfect printed result.
Can the front panels also be ordered without a printed logo?
No, we only supply printed front panels for our customizable name badges. Of course, badgepoint® also supplies many series that are specifically intended for self-labeling, and these are supplied blank.
I would like to order the polar® "alu-complete". Can I also order a further single badge at a later date?
We can only manufacture supplementary orders of this model from a minimum of five items. Unfortunately, for production-related reasons, it is not possible to order just one item.
Is it possible to order the polar® "alu-complete" or "color-complete" series without printed text?
No, we always supply a complete badge unit with the printed text already included.
Are you able to make me special models based on my own designs that are not included in your catalogue?
We are not able to create special designs outside of our existing product range, only within the badge models available.
Does badgepoint® also offer engraved badges?
In order to better cater for the wishes of individual customers, we have become specialized in high-quality digital printing techniques. Thanks to a range of bright colors and high scratch resistance, we can offer complete satisfaction without the need to provide engraving services.

Questions about “Dispatch”

How are the ordered goods delivered?
Our products are generally delivered by UPS. This is a reliable service that has proved itself time and time again. We pass on the discount we receive as a major customer to our own customers! This guarantees economical delivery costs.
Can I track the delivery of my goods?
If you have provided us with an email address, you will automatically receive an update from UPS as soon as the goods have been dispatched. You can then track the shipment online via the tracking number.
Can I indicate different shipping addresses for the delivery of my goods?
Goods are normally delivered to one shipping address. In exceptional cases, and after consultation, the goods may be delivered to several addresses. However, this will incur higher delivery costs where applicable. Please consult us beforehand.
Does badgepoint® also deliver outside Germany?
Of course. We are an internationally operating company and our products are delivered worldwide.

Questions about “Ordering”

What are the advantages of ordering online?
Shorter delivery times, immediate access to your order history and your order status and tracking numbers are available online. Safe shopping with the "Trusted Shops Guarantee".
How do I register in order to purchase from your online shop?
Under the heading "Login", which you will find at the very top of our online shop page, enter your customer number or email address in the "User name" field (your customer number is shown at the top of your invoices on the right-hand side). You can choose your own password, of course. If you want to use an existing customer number that you have not used for previous online purchases, please contact us at or on +49 (0)4102 8066-0.
I have forgotten my password, what I can do?
Please click on the "Password reminder" link above the "Login" button and you will immediately receive a new password via email with which you can then use to login. You can then make changes to your account at any time.
Do you also supply to private individuals?
We supply exclusively to industry, businesses, tradespersons, associations and similar institutions.
How do I find the product that's right for me?
As specialists in name badges, we can offer you the perfect product for any purpose. In our online shop, you can make preliminary decisions via our search assistant, which will make the final process much easier. You can also contact our team directly; we are on hand to offer you help and advice ( or +49 (0)4102 8066-0). You also have the option of receiving a free sample badge before making your final decision. Please get in touch!
Do I have to place my order in the online shop, or can I order elsewhere?
We accept all kinds of orders. However, we do ask for a written version when placing your first order. You can order from us by visiting our online shop at www.badgepoint.com, by email to , by telephone at +49 (0)4102 8066-0, by fax at +49 (0)4102 8066-22 or by post at badgepoint® GmbH, An der Strusbek 50a-52a, 22926 Ahrensburg (Germany).
Is there also a catalogue that I can request?
Yes. We have provided an online catalogue under "Downloads".
How can I keep up to date with badgepoint® offers?
As a badgepoint® customer, you will receive information and offers from time to time in the form of a newsletter. Should you not wish to receive our newsletter, you can easily unsubscribe. If you are not yet a badgepoint® customer and wish nevertheless to receive the newsletter, please contact us.
What does badgepoint® do with my details?
badgepoint® considers the confidentiality of your details to be of the utmost importance and, of course, we follow the corresponding legal data protection regulations. Your personal details will not be sold or transferred to third parties. See privacy here: Privacy
What should I do if I am not happy with my delivery?
We claim to offer the best "Made in Germany" quality at a fair price. Should you not be satisfied with your delivery, please contact our team. We will then discuss what can be done so you get the results you want.
Can I purchase small quantities?
In order to fulfill even small requests, al models are available from a minimum of ten items. You can even purchase customized badges from badgepoint®, starting from a minimum of ten items.
Do I have to pay a small quantity surcharge?
No, you can order small quantities from us and only pay the respective scale price.

General questions

Does the pin fastening or the combiclip or rotated combiclip sit on clothing just as well as the magnet?
95% of our customers prefer the magnet fastening. It does not pierce the fabric, it can be used on all kinds of material and, due to its plastic coating, it is extremely gentle on the skin. With most products, the magnet fastening is integrated into the name badge, ensuring that it sits nice and flat against your clothes. The stainless steel snap lock pin, another fastening offered by us, also lies close against the surface, giving the badge a secure hold. When using combiclips, please note that the pin fastening should only be used in exceptional cases. Fastening the name badge with the pin element of the combiclip fastening causes the badge to tilt in such a way that makes it difficult to read.
Are the polar®-Schilder "color" badges lighter than the "metal" ones?
Both products are made from plastic. The "metal" series is also galvanized or covered with a high-quality gold coating. The difference in weight resulting from this is negligible. Badges in the "alu-print" and "alu-complete" series also have aluminum front panels, making them a few grams heavier. These differences in weight are not noticeable to the wearer of the name badge, however.
Is the material really metal?
Apart from a few exceptions, badgepoint® name-badge holders are made from high-quality plastic. In this way, we can guarantee that the weight of each name badge is reduced to a minimum. The front panels on all badges with "alu"in the name are made out of aluminum. The aluline-plus® product is made entirely of metal and protected by a highly transparent cover.


badgepoint® GmbH
Name tag systems
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