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Name-card labeling made simple with creator 2.0

Creator 2.0 was developed for quick and easy name-card labeling. Highly-intuitive, clearly structured menus guide you through our software, enabling use without any prior knowledge; in just a few steps, you can import name lists, select from the pre-installed badgepoint® formats, design your layout with the aid of a template and print out the finished labels.

The advantages of creator 2.0

Quick and easy installation: download free, in an instant
Self-explanatory user interface
Guidance and help throughout the program
All badgepoint® name-card formats pre-installed
Suitable for printing sheets in A4 and US Letter sizes
Import name lists without any fuss
Sample document to help get you started
Multiple print functions (e.g. crop marks)
Choice of over 200 flag icons for designating languages
Choice of language: German or English

Labeling software creator 2.0
* Version: 2.07 Show Reg. Code

Creator 2.0 manual (PDF)

System requirements / compatible operating systems:

- Windows: from Windows XP

Notes for all creator 1.0 users

By downloading the creator 2.0 software, the previous version of the program will automatically be updated. It is not necessary to uninstall creator 1.0 or change any other system settings.

Please note the following, however: To ensure access to all current name badge templates in creator, you must import the products.ced file. This is located in the "creator2_setup_beta_5" folder that you have already downloaded. Once you have opened creator you will be able to import the products.ced file under menu option "Extras"/ "Import". If you are using the free demo version of creator 1.0, this must be uninstalled before creator 2.0 is installed.

This version of creator 2.0 is a beta version and we are still working on it to make it more user-friendly and comprehensive.

Please tell us what you think about creator version 2.0

We would love to receive your feedback - it will help us to make creator 2.0 even more user-friendly.

Please send us an e-mail at support@badgepoint.com.

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