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the high-quality metal name badge

The unique metal name badge you can print yourself
Practical layer principle
Practical layer principle
Flexible self-labeling
Flexible self-labeling
High-quality appearance
High-quality appearance

The aluline-plus® concept: metal name badges for in-house printing

aluline-plus® is a high-quality name badge which is also extremely practical. Made from high-grade aluminum, it gives you have the flexibility to do your own labeling.

Its clever feature is a crystal-clear film sheet which can be printed using a standard laser printer; the sheet is inserted between the aluminum back panel and the acrylic glass cover, serving to create a superb impression:

  • High-quality aluminum appearance
  • Flexible self-labeling
  • Reusable – print off new labels yourself
  • Hard to distinguish from a professionally-printed or engraved badge
aluline-plus® metal name badge

The ingenious design of aluline-plus®

aluline-plus® design

aluline-plus® "system"

You can print your logo and names on the crystal-clear film yourself using a laser printer. If you want to change anything, simply swap the film inserts for new ones.

Alternatively, we’ll print the film sheet for you.

aluline-plus® "logo-print"

We print your logo to a very high standard on the aluminum back panel. You can print the names on the crystal-clear film sheet yourself using a laser printer. The high-quality logo is permanently inscribed on the aluminum back panel.

Alternatively, we can print the names on the film sheet for you.

aluline "complete"

We print your logo and names to a very high standard on the actual aluminum back panel. The end result is a vivid, scratch-resistant printed finish with an exclusive aluminum look. This product type doesn’t give you the flexibility to change the names or logo. Transparent panels can be ordered as an optional extra.

All badges are available in the following sizes


Choose from our different types of fastening

Magnet extra-strong

Why use aluline-plus®?

Name badges with a full metal surface are usually engraved or printed, meaning long delivery times. What’s more, once they’ve been inscribed they cannot be changed.

That’s why badgepoint® offers the innovative aluline-plus® concept. It’s sustainable and flexible. aluline-plus® name badges are reusable, of premium quality and look as good as fully-printed name badges.

The big advantage of aluline-plus® is the flexibility to print your own labels in-house. Rather than printing on the metal surface, the crystal-clear film sheet is printed using a laser printer. You can do this yourself or let badgepoint® do the work! Either way, the film inserts can be swapped over, which means the name tag can be reused.

Choose from 3 different print versions

By choosing the aluline-plus® “system”, you are giving yourself the independence to print both logo and names on the film sheet.

If you prefer a top-quality colored logo print, or you only have a black-and-white laser printer, you should opt for aluline-plus® “logo-print”. badgepoint® will print your logo to a very high standard on the metal surface. This gives you a vivid color print of your logo. What’s more, you can print the names on the film sheet yourself using a standard monochrome laser printer.

The crystal-clear film inserts printed in-house are then placed between the aluminum holder and the transparent panel. The end result? A premium aluminum appearance – but printed by you, giving you full flexibility!

aluline-plus® offers you 3 different printing options

Of course, if you prefer, badgepoint® can print your names and logo onto the metal surface itself.

For any badge in our range, simply choose the type of fastener that’s right for you:

We recommend our innovative smag® magnet system. It holds your badge securely with no risk of slipping or twisting, and it’s kind to clothing. Alternatively, you can select a pin fastener for your badge holder.

aluline-plus® name badges come in 4 different shapes and sizes, depending on how prominently you wish your logo and names to be displayed.

aluline-plus® system | name badge
Last update: Oct 23, 2021 at 3:16 AM
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