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Selecting the right fastener for your name badges

Choose between a classic stainless steel snap lock pin, multi-purpose clip, practical lanyard or a high-quality, modern magnet fastener. You can pick your name badges to suit your individual requirements and combine them with the right type of fastening. Our smag® magnet system, which is available in two different strengths, is extremely popular – 95% of our customers prefer this. We guarantee that our name badges will provide a totally secure hold, even when the wearer is continually moving around in their everyday work, working in close contact with patients or wearing thick clothing.

Name badges with pin

Our name badge models at a glance

From classic, timeless design through to innovative, eye-catching style, our comprehensive selection includes models with a conventional pin fastener through to name badge holders featuring our patented smag® magnet. Find the right name tag for every occasion.

polar® name badges
polar® name badges -
Elegant look with a domed design

Flexible use for all industry sectors.

office name badges
office name badges -
Fully customizable and robust

Ideal for use in healthcare.

amigo® name badges
amigo® name badges -
Special 3D effect for your logo

Innovative name badge with a unique design.
Acrylic name badges
Acrylic name badges -
The crystal-clear classic

Proven quality. With domed profile or Plano.
Name badges
custom-printed for you
Fully pre-labelled with personal names
or with just your logo – you decide!

Name badges for all industry sectors

The criteria for the perfect name badge vary from one sector to another. So come and discover our innovative, high-quality solutions, tailored to the individual demands of your business – developed and assembled by our experienced badgepoint® sales team, with the benefit of their many years of combined experience.

Building trust within healthcare environments

For those working in the healthcare sector, it’s essential to wear a name badge in order to help build a personal contact with patients and clients. The main priority for badges in this area is that they should be functional and long-lasting. Here at badgepoint, we produce name badges made of tough plastic in a variety of sizes and colors, ranging from our polar® series with an elegant domed design to our colorful office name badges with rounded edges.

Safety when dealing with patients

When choosing name badges for your practice staff, make sure they satisfy the strict requirements of the environment. They need to be easy to wipe clean and must be able to withstand the physical demands of day-to-day work. That’s why we offer plastic badges with an easy-to-clean surface in our polar series®. You can label them yourself with ease. Alternatively, order them from us ready-printed.

Make contacts at exhibitions

When worn at exhibitions and presentations, your name tag opens the door to that initial contact with customers and industry colleagues. If you want to succeed, it’s vital that you convey a professional impression of your company that reflects your corporate image. Depending on the model selected, we offer a top-quality electroplated or gold lacquer finish. Alternatively, our crystal-clear acrylic badges will give you plenty of free space for you to add your own designs.

Showing professionalism in the hotel and tourism sector

Whether at reception or in the restaurant, hotel staff are the first point of contact for guests and are representative of their organization. So a wonky badge definitely won’t make a good first impression! That’s why we offer a number of models that are guaranteed to remain secure. Available in “standard” and “extra strong” versions, the most popular models are our smag® magnet name badges because they are particularly kind to clothing. To round off a professional appearance, we also offer fasteners such as the classic stainless steel snap lock pin and the clip.

Our customers' quotes

Our customers' quotes
"Easy to find products, fast and uncomplicated delivery, great and user-friendly products"

Name badges by badgepoint® – for a professional appearance

Presenting the comprehensive portfolio of badgepoint® name tag products: the ideal solution for all occasions and settings. Our varied range of models and colors means we can produce badges that comply with your company’s corporate design guidelines. We then customize them with our selection of fastenings to suit the day-to-day work requirements of your staff. Explore our range of premium badges made of metal or plastic, including classic event badges and acrylic glass badges complete with smag® magnets for name badges – the patented badgepoint® system that guarantees a professional appearance.

Versatile name badges for a multitude of potential applications

Here in the badgepoint® team, we have made it our mission to provide badges that will match your expectations in full – every time. Whether for everyday use in the services sector, as an office supplies item for administration departments, for the hotel and catering industry or for larger-scale events, we supply the right badge for every occasion and setting.

Our polar® range comes in six different models, ranging from “classic” to “color-complete”, to suit any application. The combination of various high-quality materials and a practical domed design makes them ideal for anything from high-end, sophisticated environments through to regular everyday use.

Made from sturdy plastic and finished with rounded corners, the four models in the office series are excellent for day-to-day use in the services sector, whereas the vista name badges (which feature a highly-transparent panel) are a top choice for events, exhibitions and functions.

Browse the models in the amigo® and aluline-plus® series and discover lots more ways to customize your name badges. We also stock badges with ready-printed motifs (for pharmacies and events, for example), as well as acrylic glass badges.

Your name badges, your choice – labeling and fastening

It goes without saying that it takes more than just a comprehensive range of badge types to deliver a name tag that’s perfectly tailored to your specific application. That’s why we give you a choice of different kinds of labeling and fastening methods, enabling you to pick the right solutions for your needs.

We keep it simple: we supply your badgepoint® name badges either finished and ready-printed, or with just your company logo pre-printed. And, of course, with our practical printing sheets to hand, you can do all your own labeling on your PC.

Depending on the badge type, it’s down to you to choose the fastener you want – for standard models this can be either a stainless steel snap lock pin, clip, combiclip or textile lanyard. Alternatively, you can opt for our innovative magnet name badges. Our badgepoint® magnetic name tag uses our specially designed, patented smag® magnet system, which stops them slipping, becoming loose or coming undone.

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